Detail of the finished library in Sketch
Detail of the finished library in Sketch

I recently had the pleasure of creating a for one of my clients at Atomic Smash. It was a project that involved some learning for me because, until that point, many of the projects I was involved in were at a smaller scale and did not require much more than a lightweight style guide to ensure a good design outcome.

What is a design library?

If you Google the term ‘design library’ you’ll find a myriad of definitions all with a slightly different slant, and just as many methodologies for how to go about building one! In this post, I refer to the…

I’m just about to break for Easter so naturally my thoughts are turning to eggs 🐣 And who doesn’t love an Easter egg? I know I do. But I’m not exclusively partial to the chocolate variety.

In gaming and computer programming, there’s another kind… an in this context is a hidden surprise added by the designer/developer which lies in wait to be discovered by the unsuspecting user. They can take many forms: from hidden functionality to surprise discount codes to stupid things purely intended to raise a wry smile.

They’re usually revealed by triggering a disguised switch or…

I’ve recently bought a new toaster and, while some critics have called it an ugly lump of industrial-looking metal, let me tell you I absolutely love it. I’m hoping that doesn’t sound too strange… it’s pretty normal to be excited about a new purchase, right? I’m sure you’ve also felt a rush of excitement when operating a new gadget the first few times. Perhaps it was a new record player with a particularly great sound, or a new car with powerful fans that effortlessly de-misted your fogged-up windscreen on a cold UK winter morning?

My new Rowlett Rutland toaster
Some say it’s an ugly lump of industrial-looking metal, but there’s beauty in that there toaster

Inevitably though, over time this little…

Ben Hamilton

I’m a graphic designer with over a decade's experience creating works for print and digital applications.

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